Word given Saturday morning, April 12, 2008 at the Wilkesboro, NC Civic Center This meeting was the Jubilee Alliance HUB meeting with Father’s Heart Ministry

I see a spirit over this region… it’s like a striving and competition… among the hierarchy (a religious leadership in a position of authority). This spirit is among the hierarchy of Spirit filled Christians in this region and it’s like a competition between these hierarchies. The Lord says it is coming down… do not be a part of it. The Lord says to preach the gospel. Extricate yourself from this spirit and do not be a part of this.

Lord, in Jesus’ name, we repent right now for running back and forth between hierarchal structures. The Lord says that there is only one Lord, one King and one government. Lord we thank you that there will be no division in this region.

The Lord says I see these hierarchies washing their faces to look good, their faces may look good but their hearts are winding up with the wrong motives, they are winding up with the wrong agenda. I heard the word of the Lord say that this place is ripe with agendas, the Lord says to break the agendas and do not participate for there is a competition in the agendas and a wrong motives in building structures. Do not build structures.

Lord let the grace of God prevail in destroying these wrong structures and hierarchal strongholds. I see that these strongholds and structures of hierarchy are like sand castles on the beach… the Lord is beginning to wash them away. They will not stand because they were raised up for the wrong reasons. Waves of the Holy Spirit are about to rain upon them and they will be washed away. Stand back and brace yourself for the tearing down of hierarchal strongholds.

Lord we ask for a fire to sweep across this region and purify. Lord we submit to the purifying of the refiners fire and the fuller soap.

There are structures and hierarchies because of betrayal and because of hurts in the past.

Lord let your sweet Holy Spirit pour over us.

Note from Gale: This word is confirmation of that which the Lord has shown us since arriving in Moravian Falls, NC in 2002. We have ministered the solution to destroying “structure and hierarchy” and that is to simply find your measure of faith and stay there. We must know who we are and stop trespassing on God and one another. I am a Land Surveyor. All boundary law is created for the benefit of the public interest i.e. the body of humanity.

The phrase “unity of people” is not a Biblical phrase. The proper phrase for unity is unity of the faith. Faith is spirit therefore unity of the faith is one and the same with unity of the Spirit. What does this mean? It means that every individual or member must be tapped into the head of the body, Jesus the Christ and function accordingly. This is perfect unity. Our physical body demonstrates this truth in total simplicity.

When is the last time your right elbow asked your left shoulder about the agenda for the day? Never! Each of these members of the body is in unity despite never having a “hands on” relationship. It is the same in the body of Christ. A relationship with the head always produces perfect unity with other members. The human body is amazingly beautiful as its members function in this God ordained involuntary response design. Remember that some members of your body are actually designed to have “hands on” relationships with other members.

Example of bodily “hands on” relationship: I can use my hand to scratch my ear and other body parts (this is really hands on). This “hands on” relationship between my hand and my ear is by the design of God. In the same way the body of Christ must discern our God designed boundaries so that our “hands on” relationships do not exceed the design of God i.e. our measure or boundary of faith.

In conclusion: It is always the heart of God to “accentuate the positive”. It is by hearing and doing the will of God that the body of Christ will destroy the wrong motives and agendas leading to false hierarchies and rigid structures. It is by hearing and doing the will of God that we will create a unity of the faith (Spirit) producing great power and destroying the false hierarchies and structures that have for so long divided the body of Christ.

Prayer: Lord we know that hierarchy and structure are birthed out of fear leading to dead works. We declare for all of us a deeper understanding of your love empowered faith because perfect love casts out fear and faith overcomes the world.

Preaching Freedom   Gale Maiden


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