Given to Gale Maiden on 11/01/07

I am a Land Surveyor and road building contractor’s Engineer by trade. For 30 years I have worked on the layout and construction of both major and minor highway projects. I have completed almost 10,000 surveys of property boundaries in Tennessee, Virginia and North Carolina. Therefore, a large portion of my waking time has been spent walking property lines. As you will see this information is significant to the dream.

In the past months through a series of divine encounters, the Lord has resurrected His purpose and calling for Kay and me for the Church. When we began active ministry in the late 1980’s, the Lord placed in our hearts His desire for the maturity of the body of Christ. We know and understand that God wants all of His gifting in Christ to be imparted to the body of Christ. Without all of the personalities of Jesus Christ we are functioning in a diminished power. Understanding that maturity is to know God, we look to our Lord Jesus Christ who is the express image of God in maturity.

The Holy Spirit is leading us in the development of an APOSTOLIC RESURRECTION COMPANY. This company of men and women of great valor will impart Christ to the body and draw from the body, the person of Jesus Christ in all of His gifting. Jesus is at least all of the following: Melchizedek Priest i.e. Apostle, Prophet, King and Priest; also Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher.

Much excitement and zeal accompanied this release into our calling. At the same time my spirit and soul began to anguish over the implementation of this most holy calling. For three consecutive days the Spirit of God awakened me at 2AM. This was a time of great searching for God’s wisdom and understanding. As Joshua told God’s children upon entering the Land of Promise, “You have not passed this way before”; neither have I nor the church passed the way of implementing the full government of Jesus Christ in the earth.

During those early morning hours of sleepless soul searching, God gave me His answer in a dream.


I was walking across an incomplete under-construction concrete highway BRIDGE. The bridge was a part of an unfinished CONNECTOR ROAD between an old existing road and a new road.

The road and bridge constituted the only access between an already in place new road and the old road. The new road followed along the top of a high mountain running east and west. The old road was on the side of the mountain at a much lower elevation. To access the new road a connector road and bridge had to be constructed. It ran northward from the old road to the top of the mountain where the new road lay.

I was the contractor employed to undertake this connector project. I was walking across the BRIDGE with a man whom I had placed as my construction superintendent on the CONNECTOR ROAD project. As we walked side by side across the bridge, my mind was scoping the immediate and future needs of completing this particular project. My most immediate concern was how to relieve the proposed new bridge of storm water runoff which would occur in times of intense rainstorms.

I could envision the remaining project being graded and shaped into a very wide new intersection of the old road and the new connector road. The design of this intersection included a large ARC or radius on both sides of the intersection creating very easy access to both. The connector road location and design plan at this point became somewhat identifiable.


My construction superintendent turned to me and said that he was leaving the project for two days and would return on the third day. I could see and hear the despair in his countenance. Nearby were two other workers who said nothing and began to walk away from the project. They too appeared to be in despair.


I asked both the superintendent and the two workers to follow me. I took them to the rear entrance of a vehicle being used as a tool trailer. The vehicle held all the tools necessary for bridge and road building. It was similar to a UPS truck with a rear lift up door. There was an apparatus shaped much like a pin ball machine just inside the door. Instead of flippers at the front there was a computer keyboard. At the rear, near the top there was a computer screen built into this pin ball appearing apparatus.

I then knew that I was at this tool vehicle with my superintendent and the two workers to find out how to relieve them of their despair. I keyed in this question, “Why is my help in despair?” Immediately the word searching appeared on the monitor.

The answer flashed on the screen. It displayed “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son…”

The words which really impacted me were the two words He (God) gave. Immediately, I knew that God had given me the solution to the despair attempting to overcome me and my workers.


The task of bridging and connecting heaven to earth was accomplished when our God lovingly gave His Son, Jesus Christ through death to become sin for us on the cross. In Christ’s death, burial and resurrection, the church is empowered to accomplish every God ordained task.

God was reminding and encouraging me concerning His loving power. Therefore, I could continue construction on the connector road and bridge between the old road and new road.

It is in a revelation of God’s love that we are emboldened, encouraged and made wise in order to continue and complete our God given tasks.


As I explained this revelation of God’s empowering love to the three men, their hearts were filled with joy. They immediately continued to build the bridge and connector between the old road and the new road.


It is a revelation of God’s love that empowers us to bridge and connect. God’s forgiveness through the vicarious sacrifice of Jesus has forever empowered us to accomplish the will of God in the earth.

Consider what Jesus successfully went through, empowered by the love of His Father, to connect and bridge you to the Kingdom of God. In this same love empowering, we will connect and bridge the body of Christ into the fullness of His Person.

We are in an accelerated season of transitioning into the receiving of our full inheritance as mature sons of God, a time of walking out spiritual boundaries.

I am greatly encouraged. Let this dream forever be a reminder that because of God’s love in giving us His Son, we will succeed in bridging and connecting the old to the new.

In the exalted and strong name of Jesus,

Gale Maiden

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